How To Get Along
With People

To get along with others:

 Don’t say everything you think.
   And watch your body language.
   It may say more than you intend
   or want to say.

 Make few promises, but keep
   the ones you make if you want
   to be trusted.

Learn to praise good work, no
   matter who did it – including
   your enemies.

Have empathy.  Make merry
   with those who rejoice, mourn
   with those who suffer.

Keep an open mind. If you are
   the only one coming up with the
   right answers, something is wrong. 
   Discuss, don’t argue.

Let your merits speak for
   themslves but be ready to
   discuss them when asked. 
   Do not talk about another’s
   weaknesses unless necessary.

Treat everybody with importance.